Current Term

2018 – SUMMER

I do not teach during the summer term, which means that during this period I mainly work on academic research, course updates, and the administrative tasks associated with my role as Undergraduate Coordinator for the Literatures in English section at UWI-St. Augustine. These tasks concern the 2018/2019 academic year: scheduling our courses, updating relevant entries in the new Student Handbook, and so on.



Ongoing Research

I am revising a conference presentation given at the 2017 Annual Conference on West Indian Literature into a full-length essay. The title of the presentation is “Slave Play: Puerto Rico and the Imperial Logic of Transatlantic Slavery” and the essay title will be something similar. It concerns one of the most popular board games of the past decade: Andreas Seyfarth’s Puerto Rico (2002). My plan is to submit this essay to Caribbean Quarterly by the end of this semester.

I am also preparing a special issue of Tout Moun, entitled “Towards Scribal and Audio-Visual Aesthetics in the Caribbean Imaginary,” in honor of Jean Antoine-Dunne, who recently retired from UWI-St. Augustine as Senior Lecturer in Literatures in English. The special issue is scheduled for publication around September 2018.

Office Hours

By appointment.